Maisie Williams Knocks First Sex Scene Out Of The Park, Even With "Awkward" Interruption

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Maisie Williams has starred on one of the most sexually-charged shows HBO offers for several years now, but being one of the youngest cast members on Game Of Thrones has kept her out of those scenes. Recently, however, she shot her first intimate scene for a film, and said that although it was awkward in every way, she nailed it in one take.

Williams told Us Weekly that the scene--for her upcoming film The Falling--ended up being like any other in that she had to focus on what she was doing in order to get everything right, otherwise the director would have had to redo the entire thing.

"It was extremely awkward! I was only just 16, so it was quite a big deal. And I guess you just work through it like any other scene and you rehearse, and then you shoot it! It was literally just the same as any other scene, apart from me doing different activities.... It was really important that we got it all in one shot. The way in which they shot it, they wanted it to be just a flow and not to break it up. They wanted it to go from start to finish with the mother coming in, as well. So we had to get it all timed out perfectly. But it happened. I've done it! First one down!" Maisie said.

(Caution: spoilers ahead.)

Williams may be moving on to feature films, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten about GOT; when asked during a recent AMA session how she felt about the show's finale, Maisie's answer was a lot like any fan's would be.


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