Madonna Was "Living For Love" At Grammys

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Madonna's "Living for Love" is one of her most recent hits in a long, long, long line of them.

Everyone expected Madonna's "Living for Love" to be performed in her usual age-defying and over-the-top style, and no one was disappointed.

Madonna's performance of "Living for Love" at The Grammys followed the recent theme of matadors and minotaurs that the queen of pop has adopted.

"Living for Love" was one of the most highly anticipated performances at last night's show.

The 56-year-old Madonna shook it to "Living for Love" in a manner that rivaled her much younger colleagues.

Shaking it up back stage at the Grammy's with Taylor!! #livingforlove

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In a fashion move that also rivaled, well ok, pummeled, her younger colleagues, Madonna dressed the part before her "Living for Love" performance in a sexy matador corset outfit with a cleavage baring front, super short skirt, and boots with actual nails.

Im ready.............are you? #livingforlove. @moschino

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Madonna's red carpet outfit was from Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci.

Almost there..............#livingforlove thank you Givenchy!

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“He’s also made my performance outfit,” Madonna hinted.

She added, “They are different colors. These boots have nails in them. I can’t dance on nails.”

Yes. Nails. Actual nails. I can't make that point enough.

Madonna then proved that, even at 56, and if you work out like a maniac, you can have a booty that you'd feel confident flashing at cameras.

During Madonna's "Living for Love" performance, she mimicked the bullfighter theme from her music video that was released last week.

However, it wasn't the first time Madonna went with a bullfighter theme in a music video.

In 1994, she pulled it off in her video for "Take a Bow".

To top it all off, at the end of Madonna's "Living for Love" performance, she went and levitated off of the stage.

That Madonna. Will she ever reach an age during which she is not full of surprises?

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