Madonna Photo Auction Expected to Generate Serious Cash

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The upcoming Madonna photo auction is sure to turn some heads.

When it first landed in bookstores across the nation back in the 90's, the "Like a Virgin" singer's explicit coffee table book "Sex" was insanely controversial. Some stores refused to carry the tome, while others kept it away from prying eyes by securing copies behind the counter. After seeing the book some years later, I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Sure, the book featured some pretty graphic nudity, as well as some uncomfortable moments with cult actor Udo Kier, but it wasn't as shockingly offense as the media made it out to be. Maybe that says something about me as a person.

Fans of the book with a little extra scratch in their pockets will likely turn out to bid on an unused photo from the "Sex" sessions which features Madonna posing in the buff. The photo, which finds the singer lounging nakedly in a chair while smoking a cigarette. Here's hoping Lourdes doesn't catch wind of this photo, otherwise her mom will have some serious explaining to do.

According to Fox News, the 1990 picture, which was taken by renowned photographer Steven Meisel, is expected to sell for $10,000. Given that you can find an endless supply of naked Madonna photos with a simple Google image search, it's surprising that the auction house is anticipating such high bids. Meisel is a pretty big deal, so perhaps they're hoping his fans will turn out with checkbooks in-hand.

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