Madoff 'Disappointed' Mets Fraud Suit Was Settled


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The Notorious Ponzi sceme perpetrator, Bernie Madoff was in contact with Irving Picard last week to express his disappointment in the Mets fraud case not going to trial. The fraud case against the Mets was settled early monday for a sum of $162 million.

Picard is the court appointed trustee for Madoff's victims and is responsible for seeing that many of them receive compensation from the bankrupt estate of Madoff and any other money generated through lawsuits derived from the case.

Picard was ready to testify in the Mets trial regarding their owner, Fred Wilpon's criminal neglect of the fact that Madoff was producing fraudulent returns. Madoff was using his communication line with Diane Henriques, author of a book about Madoff's deceptions titled, "Wizard of Lies", to send messages to Picard.

Henriques commented on what Madoff expressed to her:

"He wrote me last weekend that he was so looking forward to that trial,"

"He was hoping that the Mets' defense would make the case he was making to me that they had no reason to doubt Madoff."

"He calls Picard a fool, an amateur, says he doesn't understand the market, says he never understood the market, that he's just lost on Wall Street,"

So it appears the man, Madoff is still taking satisfaction in knowing people are suffering because of his actions. I am glad you are rotting in a prison cell the Emperor, I mean Bernie Madoff. I hope many of your fellow inmates are enjoying intercourse with you.