Madeleine Stowe Explains Previous Misleading Victoria Death Comments

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Madeleine Stowe had some explaining to do after Sunday night's Revenge finale.

Madeleine Stowe, aka Victoria Grayson, previously seemed to lead viewers and Hollywood Reporter to believe that after Victoria Grayson blew up Grayson Manor, her character’s fate had been met.

When asked if Victoria Grayson was really dead, Madeleine Stowe replied, "I am not coming back to Revenge. This season is the end of her story line. I think in the next few episodes you'll see some flashbacks that reveal why she did what she did, how it went down and the real motivation behind it."

She added, "It goes beyond exacting revenge on Emily/Amanda. This is something we all worked toward. At the end of last season, I sat down with the [creative team] — I felt this character's story was done last season [when Emily successfully plotted to have Victoria committed] — and they wanted her to continue, and they had the right to exercise that choice.… But she had a very finite story, and it needed to come to its conclusion. We went back and forth, and this is the direction we all thought was the best way to go."

However, after Sunday night's episode, there were a lot of questions as to why Madeleine Stowe would lead fans to believe that Victoria Grayson was a goner.

When asked why her earlier comments were so deceptive, Madeleine Stow answered, "That was a very tricky conversation because I was telling you that truth that she was dead; I just didn't tell you when! I apologize for having to [mislead everyone]. It was one of those the things I told you that was true, so it was hard."

She continued, "But I do think the essential things I told you stick, certainly with respect to the fact that she had a standing death wish since season one, and I knew what other people didn't know was the backstory of her abusive background and having no parenting and nothing to fall back on."

The question remains, does Amanda have Victoria's heart?

Madeleine Stowe said of the shocking twist, "She's got Victoria's heart, which is funny. We did a table read, and it was just a wicked funny turn. Then [the writers] did a little embellishment in wanting to make it more from Emily's psyche: Did this happen? Did it not happen? Was it a recurring dream?"

She added, "She is such an authentic witness, and I think the general takeaway was that they wanted the audience to believe it actually happened, but of course you can never know [for certain]. It was very Edgar Allan Poe, and shows that these two women will never be able to separate from each other."

Then again, can we trust what Madeleine Stowe says?

Did you watch the finale?

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