Madeleine McCann Disappearance: Police On The Verge Of Making Arrests

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Scotland Yard (London police) may travel to Portugal this week to make arrests in the in the case involving the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Madeleine was a little girl who vanished 7 years ago while on a Portuguese vacation with her parents. She was 3 when she disappeared from the hotel room where she was sleeping.

The authorities have indicated they intend to interview three suspected burglars who had been actively committing burglaries in the neighborhood during or about the time of Madeleine's disappearance. The authorities say the rate of burglary had significantly increased in the resort where the McCanns had been staying, peaking in 2007. Two burglaries even took place in the apartment block where the McCanns were staying as recently as April of last year. In both cases, entry was through the window.

The family has refused to comment on the case. A spokesman for the McCann family told ABC News that the matter should be left to the investigators instead of speculating.

"I'm afraid we are saying nothing about any aspect of Operation Grange whilst the police work continues, least of all about any tabloid speculation surrounding it,'' said the spokesman.

The spokesman further said that the latest development could be significant because it will eventually either rule in or out the involvement of the three men. He also said the family is keeping its expectations low in regard to this development.

Police reviewed records of hundreds of mobile phone numbers from calls made during the time Madeleine disappeared and discovered that a high number of calls were made between the three suspects. The calls apparently raised a red flag.

Had Madeleine not vanished from her bed that night, she would have celebrated her fourth birthday just a few days later. Her parents, Gerry McCann and Kate McCann, who were dining at a nearby restaurant at the time their daughter went missing, have been engaged in a campaign to find her ever since.

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