Madden Super Bowl Simulation Has The New York Giants Winning


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The New York Giants and the New England Patriots hook up this Sunday in Super Bowl 46, and to pass the time until Sunday, there are many pre-Super Bowl activities one can enjoy. Whether it getting your prop bets together or planning on the big party, it's not all sitting and waiting for the kick off.

One pastime that takes advantage of our love of tech (and video games) is the official Madden Super Bowl simulation, where the current Super Bowl match up is played out on EA's mega-successful Madden video game. This year's simulation is good news, provided you are a New York Giants fan. According to the sim, the Giants will defeat the Patriots, 27-24, with Eli Manning (pictured above) winning the Super Bowl MVP trophy for the following stats: 25-39 for 342 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

The video of the simulation:

As of this article being posted, there are only 305 views of the video. Apparently, however, the majority of them were Patriots fans, at least judging by the amount of dislikes. There are already 78 such interactions, with 33 of them being thumbing the result down.

As for the accuracy of these simulations, Yahoo Sports has some information:

The Madden simulation missed last year when it predicted a 24-20 victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Two years before, it missed hitting the exact final score of the Steelers-Arizona Cardinals game by one point on each side.

It sounds like a "close, but no cigar" type of outcome, something that should give nervous New England fans a sense of relief.

Since this article is essentially talking about Super Bowl predictions, what are yours? Giants or Patriots? Let us know what you think.