Madden NFL 15: Ray Rice Has Been Removed from Game


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The hits just keep coming for former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Following the Ravens terminating his contract and receiving an indefinite suspension from the NFL, Rice has now been booted from Madden NFL 15.

The Ray Rice hoopla started just a week ago when TMZ released footage of the elevator altercation involving Rice and his then fiancee Janay Palmer (the couple is now married). The incident occurred last February, and Rice originally received only a two-game suspension from the Ravens. After the video of Rice punching out Palmer was released, both the Ravens and the league decided further action was warranted, which led to the contract termination and league suspension.

Rice can now add being removed from a video game to his list of problems. "With Ray Rice's indefinite suspension from the NFL, he will be removed from Madden NFL 15," an EA Sports informed GameSpot last week. "This roster change will take place by this Friday."

The change has already went into effect; several Twitter users have confirmed that Rice is no longer available.

EA isn't the only company parting ways with Ray Rice; Nike and jump training program VertiMax no longer want anything to do with him. "After internal discussion about the events that transpired, we determined that a future relationship with Ray did not align with our goals as a company," VertiMax CEO Michael Wehrell said.

Madden NFL 15 Tops August Video Game Sales

In other Madden NFL 15 news, according to NPD Group, the game was the top selling video game in August 2014. "Madden NFL 15 was the number one game this month with consumers adopting eighth generation software over seventh generation, leading to growth over last August’s Madden NFL 25--a trend which will hopefully become widespread and lead to software growth as we move towards the holidays," said NPD Group's Liam Callahan.

If you haven't purchased Madden NFL 15 yet, check out the game trailer below.