MacBook Pro To Be Powered By Nvidia Kepler Graphics


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The new MacBook Pro is pretty much a beast. One of the major driving forces behind that power is the video card. Nvidia will be providing the graphics in the new MacBook Pro with its new line of Kepler video cards - specifically the GT 650M.

While I'm sure the Mac gamers out there are super excited to hear this news, regular Mac users should be getting excited as well. The 600 series is Nvidia's latest innovation in GPU construction that runs on its Kepler architecture.

Nvidia announced on their blog that the GT 650M would be coming to both the next-generation MacBook Pro as well as the newly redesigned 15-inch MacBook Pro model. This sets up MacBook Pro users with the latest and very best in graphics processing technology.

Apple mentioned that the new retina display will be great for all the gaming experiences that Mac fans can enjoy. The most high profile release is obviously Diablo III which Mac gamers will want the new MacBook Pro for. Not only will the GT 650M allow them to play it on max settings, it will help them take true advantage of the new retina display. It will be the best looking version of Diablo III on the Mac platform.

For those who care about such things, the GT 650M contains a number of enhancements over its predecessors that make notebook gaming even better. The 600M series features Optimus which optimizes notebooks to only use the graphics power when it needs to thus conserving power.

As a PC gamer, trust me when I say that Apple made the right choice with the 650M. It's the most cost-efficient mobile gaming GPU on the market today. While the next-generation MacBook Pro will start at $2,199, you can at least know the GPU is top of the line. Sure, it's no GTX 680M, but it gets the job done regardless.