Macaulay Culkin's The Pizza Underground Still Exists, Is Still Awesome


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Macaulay Culkin will always remain in my heart as the goofy Kevin McAllister from the Home Alone films. He's not quite so adorable these days, but he is still entertaining. In fact, his latest project might have been the most entertaining yet.

The Guardian reported last December that Culkin and a number of his friends had formed a The Velvet Underground tribute band going by the name of The Pizza Underground. As you can guess, the band performs The Velvet Underground songs, but replaces the lyrics with allusions to pizza. For instance, one of the songs on the album is Take a Bite of the Wild Slice - a reimagining of Walk on the Wild Side.

If you want to take a listen for yourself, the band has released a demo on bandcamp. The demo only lasts 8 minutes, but contains samples from the following songs:

Papa John Says
I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice
I'm Waiting for Delivery Man
Cheese Days
Pizza Day
All the Pizza Parties
Pizza Gal
Take a Bite of the Wild Slice

You can listen to it here or in the embed below. The band is also selling the demo, but is letting fans set their own price.

After taking a listen, were you able to identify Culkin among all the noise. If not, take another listen, but pay attention to the percussion and kazoo. That's what Culkin has been credited with alongside the vocals.

The Pizza Underground may still be performing live shows at dives and bars, but they may never come near your town anytime soon. Don't give up hope though. The Pizza Underground has a short film up on YouTube with footage from their first concert. It's definitely worth checking out:

As an added bonus, here's Culkin showing off his impressive piano skills:

You know what? Maybe Culkin is still adorable in his own unique way.

Image via tobygoodshank/YouTube