Macaulay Culkin Finds Love In Paris


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Macaulay Culkin was an adorable child actor who made everyone laugh in the Home Alone films. As he grew up, his appearance and health began to worry fans and even his close friends and family. In 2012, Culkin made headlines for his alleged drug problem and then he dropped off the map. Many hoped he was in rehab or dealing with his addiction and health problems somewhere, but not he has recently popped up in Paris.

Culkin not only looks much better, but seems happier as well. It could be the new mystery girl on his arm or maybe he is just happy to be back to himself again. Culkin still has his childhood charm and even bought his new love a rose that he purchased as soon as his plane landed in Paris.

People who were watching the couple pointed out how happy Culkin seemed and that he was looking much better. The onlookers said that the couple seemed to enjoy each others company and his female companion really seemed to enjoy the gift.

Culkin was in a long term relationship with actress Mila Kunis, but the couple went separate ways after 8 years in 2011. But Culkin may not be in Paris just to find love. He also has a friend, Pete Doherty who lives there. According to a source close to Culkin, he and Doherty have become great friends.

“He enjoys being with an extreme character like Pete, and Pete likes him a lot, too,” the source said. “They sit up all night talking about the arts over bottles of wine and putting the world to right. They have become great friends.”

Regardless of his reason for being in Paris, it seems like Culkin has found himself again and will hopefully get his life back on track.

Image from YouTube.