Lynda Carter Campaigning for Hillary Clinton? Wonder Woman Moved by Bruce Jenner Interview

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Lynda Carter--TV's Wonder Woman--has said lots recently about two prominent figures who have been front and center in the news.

First off, Carter is a big proponent of Hillary Clinton, and even said at the recent United Cerebral Palsy of New York City's Women Who Care luncheon that she wants everyone she knows to support the former secretary of state in the upcoming presidential race.

"My husband and I have known the Clintons since 1983 or '84. We're family friends. Hillary has never changed, she has always been the smartest person in the room," Lynda Carter said of the Democratic candidate.

"We need someone that gets it, we need someone that gets all of it. She doesn't need four years of training before she gets it in the White House. We want someone that can be off and running. She did it in the Senate," she added.

Lynda Carter has a twofold reason for backing Hillary Clinton. She would love to see the first female president in the White House.

"She is our chance to have our turn as a woman in the White House. It is the voice of the women of our country that can help the voiceless women in other countries," she said.

In addition to Hillary Clinton, Lynda Carter has recent spoken out in support of Bruce Jenner following his interview with Diane Sawyer and his whole transition process.

It was while attending the Central Park Conservancy’s “Hat Lunch” that Wonder Woman shared her compassion for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch.

“I always supported gay issues, but I never understood transgender issues. But after I heard Bruce Jenner speak so honestly, so sincerely and so relatably, I totally got it. I totally understood what he was saying--it was so compelling," she said.

Does Lynda Carter ever wish she had the powers of Wonder Woman and could take care of all the people she loves? Might she choose to take away Bruce Jenner's pain and place Hillary Clinton directly into the Oval Office?

Who knows?

One thing the film world does know about Lynda Carter is that she has made it perfectly clear she'd love to have a role--either on screen or behind the scenes--in Warner Bros. 2017 Wonder Woman film.

“I would love to be involved in a creative position…I know so much about what people want from it,” she said.

Do you expect fans will soon see Lynda Carter heavily campaigning for Hillary Clinton? Not every Democratic candidate can say they have Wonder Woman in their corner.

Surely Bruce Jenner appreciates her support. Hopefully Lynda Carter can continue to raise awareness for LGBT concerns, and help make life just a bit easier for Bruce and people like him.

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