Luis Suárez Gives Non-Apology For Biting Incident

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Luis Suárez has apologized (sort of) for biting Giorgio Chiellini during last week's World Cup match-up between Uruguay and Italy.

It’s as if the Liverpool FC forward has finally realized that both denying outright what he did and making lame excuses for himself isn’t going to encourage FIFA to go easy on him.

Suárez had made no statements to the media since the incident or FIFA’s ban. The message posted by Suarez on Twitter is his first true acknowledgement of the biting scandal.

In his apology, Suárez states that in the week since the biting incident, he’s spent time at home with his family and has had the opportunity to truly reflect on what he did.

What’s interesting is Suárez doesn’t admit outright that he bit Chiellini. Instead, the Uruguayan phrased his statement to blame a "collision" with the Italian player for the damage he caused, rather than his own deliberate actions.

In any case, Suárez apologized to Chiellini and the “football family” (could this include Liverpool FC, who’s had quite the monkey wrench thrown into its upcoming season?) and he “vowed to the public” that this is the last time that he’ll be getting into any trouble of this kind.

Watching Suárez go through an entire season at Liverpool FC without incident would make one almost believe him.

The problem is that with his track record, it’s hard to totally believe Suárez. Even if he's sincere at the time of the apology, whatever is spurring this behavior goes deeper than conscious self-control.

I’m sure his bite on Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea FC was supposed to be the “last time” he caused trouble. Obviously, this was not the case.

What would be encouraging, a sign of true sincerity, is if Suárez would completely admit to what he did, that he was wrong for his behavior, and then seek behavioral therapy.

Proactively working to curb the behavior rather than excuse it, deny it, and offer empty apologies would elicit far more sympathy from the public and perhaps even encourage FIFA to show some leniency.

As it stands...see you in November, Suárez!

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