Low-Carb Diets: What Are The Best Low-Carb Foods?


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Low-carb diets are all the rage these days, and rightfully so.

Studies have shown that a low-carb diet is a great way to shed excess weight. Though some dieters opt for a low-fat plan, recent research indicates that a low-carb diet isn’t just better for overall weight loss.

It may also significantly curb your risk of heart disease.

These are definitely good reasons to at least give a low-carb lifestyle a try.

For those new to the concept of cutting carbs, there is probably some confusion as to which food items are best.

These foods represent some of the best options you can enjoy during a low-carb diet.


If you thought a low-carb diet meant no more meat ever, you were wrong. You can enjoy meals that consist of meats like chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, beef, and even pork. Eggs are considered one of the best sources of protein.

Just remember that the leaner the meat, the better.

Can you get protein from non-meat sources? Certainly.

Legumes are a great source of non-meat protein. So are nuts, beans, and chickpeas.


Dairy foods like cheese, milk, and yogurt are often staples of a low-carb diet. In fact, many cheeses contain less than a one carb.

Nice huh?

It's important to note that even though a low-carb diet is the focus, you still want to be on the lookout for less than healthy food items. Some dairy products should be avoided because they are high in fat and sodium!

This means butter is a go, but consider buying a salt-free version and manually adding salt.

Fruits And Vegetables

Before you go dashing towards the produce aisle, you may want to stop and consider exactly WHICH fruits and veggies you load up on. Because some items aren’t as good for your low-carb diet as you’d like to think.

The best fruit choices include watermelons, apricots, lemons and various berries. Meanwhile the best low-carb vegetables include cucumbers, celery, mushrooms, radishes and broccoli.

Some high carb options to cut back on significantly include bananas, apples, pears.

Please remember that low-carb doesn’t mean NO carbs!

To meet your daily carb needs, it’s better to get carbs from fruits and vegetables than from unhealthy sources!