Louis C.K. Apologizes More Than Anyone, Ever

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One of the great things about Louis C.K.'s comedy, both his standup and his hit show Louie, is that it is oftentimes painfully self-deprecating. Some of his best bits involve his failings as a father, husband, and the ability to be a generally decent human being.

But behind all of that we know that Louis C.K., and by extension Louie, is a great guy.

With that in mind, have you ever noticed that Louie apologizes. A lot.

And if your day was bereft of a good Louis C.K. compilation video, you're in luck. You'll actually be shocked with how many "sorry" utterances appear on Louie, and it's only halfway through season three.

From the folks over at Slacktory, check out the supercut below:

Josh Wolford
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