Loudest Stadium Award Goes to Arrowhead Stadium

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Fans at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City have set a new world record for making the most noise during a football game at an outdoor stadium.

The Guinness World Records crowned the stadium the award after the cheering reached 137.5 decibels. The previous record was set earlier this year when the Seattle Seahawks fans reached 136.6 decibels CenturyLink Field.

Guinness adjudicator Philip Robertson was at the game on Sunday and was also the adjudicator during the Seahawks game . "In the fourth quarter, they got to 135.4, and that's where we thought they were going to finish," he said. "Heads dropped, but then the fans really started working together. They destroyed any Premier League hopes of attaining this record, I can tell you that, and I'm a Brit that loves the Premier League. It was extraordinary."

Although the players love to hear the fans cheering them on, some of them said that the noise was distracting them from the game. “The way the crowd was going, that was tough,” the Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said. “I was sitting there on the sideline, and I could tell, it was hard environment to execute in.”

"I had people who'd been coming to Chiefs games for decades come up to me and say, `I've never heard it that loud,"' said Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt. "It's very difficult for a team to play in that."

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders 24-7.

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