Lotto Winner Death Is Suspected Drug Overdose

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A Michigan woman who won a million dollars in a lotto game and then admitted to receiving food stamps afterward has died, and police are speculating that it was an overdose, as Clayton had a history of prescription drug use.

Amanda Clayton was the subject of some outrage after it was discovered that she hadn't reported her winnings last September to the Michigan offices which dispensed her aid, and was subsequently still receiving $200 a month in food stamps. She was eventually charged with welfare fraud after using more than $5,475 of the state's money for food and medical assistance and plead no contest in July, when she was sentenced to probation.

Clayton was found in her Ecorse, Michigan home over the weekend; an autopsy and toxicology report are pending. Sadly, it was reported that her young daughter was with the body at the time. No other information has been given about the little girl.

"The Amanda I knew was caring person," said Josh Ormanian, Clayton's former boyfriend. "She did care. She went down the wrong path, she got the money, got the freedom, and felt like she could do whatever she wanted. Some people don't have will power."

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