Lost Planet 3 Walkthrough Trailer Unveiled

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Now that Resident Evil 6 has launched to middling reviews, Capcom can switch its marketing efforts over to promoting its next big blockbuster sequel, Lost Planet 3. A bit of the tone for the game was glimpsed from the teaser trailer that Capcom released when the title was announced back in April, but no gameplay footage was shown at the time.

Today, Capcom has made up for that by releasing a nearly 10-minute gameplay walkthrough with developer commentary. The footage is taken from New York Comic Con, which began today.

In the trailer, seen below, the game's protagonist, Jim, makes his way through an akrid nest to get to a damaged communications station. After repairing the satellite dish, Jim gets familiar with more of the local wildlife while trying out the new Rig vehicle, which the developer states is the largest vehicle the series has ever had. Fans of the previous games will notice that some of the akrid types seen in the video are new to the Lost Planet franchise.

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