Lost Planet 3 Announced, Trailer Released

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A trailer for Lost Planet 3 is out and it promises a release for the game sometime next year. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will both get releases, but there was no sign of a PC release in the trailer. This comes in the midst of even more news coming out of Capcom's Captivate event held last week, including a new Resident Evil trailer and release date, and a new Devil May Cry trailer.

The developer of Lost Planet 3 is apparently Spark Unlimited. Spark is known for developing lackluster shooters such as "Turning Point: Fall of Liberty" and "Legendary," so take from that what you will. The studio is also suspected to be developing "Star Wars: Battlefront III."

The trailer doesn't feature any gameplay, so it's not clear what elements from it we will see in the game. I'd expect the location to be similar, though, meaning the game will probably resemble the first Lost Planet and its icy wastelands. Also, I'm sure players will be donning the mech suit and battling huge, monstrous creatures. Regardless of what may or may not make it into the game, the trailer is very cinematic and exciting. I'll wait and see if I want to play the game, but I definitely want to see this as a feature-length movie:

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