Los Angeles Clippers Team At Odds With Owner


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As the NBA probe into the controversy surrounding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling continues, it is obvious that the situation has had a negative effect on the very team he owns.

If true, it's amazing and sad that a man can boast such low opinions of minorities and yet not realize that these same people make up a large percentage of those who work for him.

Not just the players on the court, but the staff off of the court as well. There are many jobs that are involved in the maintaining and support of a basketball team. It truly takes all kinds of people to make an NBA team function at its very best.

As for the players for themselves, even though their coach Doc Rivers did his best to shield them from the media frenzy, it was to be expected that they would
respond in their own way to the alleged words of owner Donald Sterling.

When the team warmed up, they wore their Los Angeles Clippers shirts inside out. All team members wore black wristbands and black socks.

Their message was clear: that they were one team and supportive of each other regardless of their individual ethnicity.

Owner Donald Sterling was not at the game, but the silent protest went on anyway and he was most definitely the target of the message.

Unfortunately for the Clippers, the act of unity did not serve to help them overcome the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors beat the Clippers 118-97 in Game 4. The playoff series now stands at 2-2.

Some are already speculating that the Clippers could see their season go on a downward spiral following their owner’s remarks.

Perhaps this won’t be the case.

What is certain is that the pressure is on the NBA to respond to these allegations and to set a standard for professional basketball that goes beyond such bigotry.

A show of support from the organization itself could help to repair the shattered morale of the Clippers team.

Image via Wikimedia Commons