Los Angeles Clippers: Major Announcement Coming

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A hugely controversial audio clip that multiple parties are now claiming is Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may force the NBA to send a strong message to the unpopular sports figure.

It is being reported that a huge announcement is to be expected on Tuesday courtesy of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Silver faces his first real test since being appointed to his job as commissioner and not many are sure what sanctions he has the power to hand out.

It's possible that Silver could suspend Sterling for an indeterminate amount of time or fine him up to $1 million.

These actions can be taken without the approval of the NBA owners as a group.

Since the racist rant surfaced just a few short days ago, it has cast a dark shadow on more than just the Clippers team—The world of professional basketball has been negatively impacted as a whole.

Numerous sponsors, including CarMax and Virgin America, have announced that they are severing ties with the troubled Clippers franchise. These losses are said to not only impact the Los Angeles team, but also have monetary consequences for the entire NBA.

Perhaps such a potential for widely felt monetary issues is what has motivated the NBA to step up efforts to investigate the charges against Sterling and to speak up about findings so soon.

It’s hoped by many that Silver will somehow ban Sterling from NBA events. Many onlookers, including star Lakers player Kobe Bryant, feel he should no longer be the owner of the Clippers.

The Clippers team staged their own silent protest ahead of Game 4 in their series of games against the Golden State Warriors.

It’s possible that their promising season could be railroaded by the negativity associated with their club owner. They are certainly going to have to work harder and focus to get through the upcoming games.

All eyes will be on Silver tomorrow, as many can only speculate what the NBA has in store for Sterling and the Clippers.

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