Lorraine Bracco Loses 35 Pounds, Shares Her Secrets

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Lorraine Bracco made a decision to lose some weight. And when the former The Sopranos star decides something, it's on.

Bracco made the decision to shed pounds, not for vanity's sake, but to get her health under control after taking care of her ailing parents, who both died in 2011.

"We were sitting there, dividing these medications, who gets what when. It was insane. I watched and realized, 'I don't want to go like that,'" she told ABC News. "I said, 'I want to be the best I could be.' I want to live every day the best I can be."

At the time of her decision, Bracco weighed 183 lbs.

"The last person on the take care of list was me. I let myself go," she said.

After making her decision, Bracco sought the help of a life coach who helped her come up with a weight loss plan, which entails avoiding sugar and dairy, keeping portion sizes small and substituting most grains for quinoa.

To satisfy her sweet tooth, Bracco sticks to healthy choices like fruit, gluten-free cookies and Kind bars.

"I was a huge Twizzler eater. I love licorice," said the former candy junkie. "The other day I said, 'I haven't had this in three years,' and I had half a piece. I ended up spitting it out because I no longer have a taste for it. It was so sugary, it was almost like poison to me."

The 59-year-old actress has also added Pilates to her exercise routine.

"I started off very slow. My feeling is also, you sign up to go to the gym and you go to two classes and then you can't walk. It's just not the way to do it," she said. "Now, I go to Pilates class three times a week. I love that there are women who are in their 80s in my class and there were kids who are 23."

After her success, Bracco made another decision — to share her secrets in an upcoming book, To the Fullest, to be published in 2015.

Bracco says she is most excited about her increased energy.

"I am still a vibrant, contributing human being and I am not dead yet," she said. "I laugh because I used to wake up and everything ached before I got out of bed. Now I jump out of bed! I'm doing something right."

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