Lorena Bobbit Says Ex Tried To Call Her After She Cut Off His Penis

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Lorena Bobbit isn't a name we hear much anymore, but for quite a while in the '90s, she was everywhere. After allegedly suffering years of abuse at the hands of her husband John, Lorena cut off his penis while he slept, jumped in the car, and threw it onto the side of the road. Doctors were able to reattach it after it was retrieved, and John actually starred in two adult films, but the case--as much as it was sensationalized--actually brought a spotlight to domestic abuse. Now, Lorena Bobbit has a new life, a new family, and says she doesn't dwell on her past.

Bobbit appeared on Steve Harvey earlier this week and sat down for an interview during a "Where Are They Now?" segment. She says John tried to connect with her after the incident--for which she was acquitted after pleading temporary insanity--but she never allowed him back into her life.

"He tried, but I always deleted his number," Lorena said.

Since the incident, Lorena has remarried--a "gentleman"--and founded a non-profit organization for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Lorena's Red Wagon helps them escape terrible situations and gives them a safe place to run to when they have nowhere else to go. For Lorena, that in itself is the best thing that could have come from her previous marriage.

"I wanted to bring hope to these children and to these women of domestic abuse and that's the thing I do. We understand that my story actually has humor, but also we shine the light on domestic violence as well. Something good has come out of my, you know, negative," Lorena said.

Amanda Crum
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