Looks Like Europe Had A Blast With Its PS4 Launch

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On November 29, Sony launched the PS4 in 13 additional countries across Europe and Oceania after launching the console in North America on November 15. While Sony certainly had plenty of launch events for its fans in the US and Canada, it looks like Europe had the better parties.

PlayStation Europe shared a new video today featuring all the different launch events it held across Europe last Friday. The UK features prominently as the PS4 has enjoyed the best console launch in the nation's history there. Other big launches featured prominently in the video are those in Germany and Rome where Sony seems to have gone all out for some of the festivities, including a digital "Berlin wall" that was demolished at launch.

Check out the below video to see all the launch festivities up close:

While Sony hasn't been able to match the lengths that Microsoft went to during its global launch of the Xbox One, it will probably have the best launch event in Japan. After all, it's hard to believe Microsoft will put much effort into its Asian launch after the territory ignored both the Xbox and Xbox 360.

The PS4 will launch in Japan on February 22 while the Xbox One will launch in the region sometime in 2014. While launch events in Japan are normally not that big, especially when compared to events in the West; you can expect to see Sony and Microsoft both doing something. At that time, we'll be able to do one final comparison to see who truly won the console launch wars.

[Image: sonyplaystation/YouTube]

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