Long 'Thief' Gameplay Look Released

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It turns out that Thief, the new franchise reboot from Square Enix, actually is trying to be exactly what everyone might want it to be. For casual gamers and new fans of the series, the game will have checkpoints, combat, and the now-infamous Square Enix magic view mode ("focus" in this particular game). The hardcore crowd can remove all of these and more, making the game much harder and closer to classic Thief titles.

So, it appears that the PC crowd might get all of the patient stealth action they are looking for. For everyone else, Thief will play a lot more closely to Bethesda's Dishonored. A new official video for Thief was uploaded today, showcasing over 17 minutes of straight gameplay.

The video takes viewers through the first mission of the game, so spoilers are certainly included. The mission, titled "Lockdown" sees the thief Garrett sneak around the city, avoiding guards and other hazards while making his way back to his hideout. The footage is taken from the PC version of the game.

As stated in the video's preface, this is just one of many ways that players might approach the Lockdown mission. Interconnected levels may mean that players will have plenty of options for how they wish to play Thief.

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