Long for Summer with This Slow-Motion Slip n' Slide Video

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Hurricane Sandy just went biblical on the entire eastern coast of the United States, there's a couple feet of snow on the ground in various parts of the country, and I woke up severely cold this morning. It's that piercing type of cold that rattles your bones and leaves you vulnerable all day long. It's lunchtime and I haven't shaken it yet. Do not want.

What I do want, badly, is summer fun and slip n' slides. Especially giant slip n' slides that launch you and your friends into kiddie pools. Oh, and watching it all in slow-motion isn't too bad, either.

I finally had to break out the gloves today. Because of that, let's take a look at a better time. And if you're still in a part of the country (or world, for the matter) where something like this is still possible and sane, take advantage of it. (courtesy Scott Winn and Jay Davis)

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