Lolo Jones: Olympic Twitter Sensation

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29-year old Lolo Jones, who is almost as famous for her virginity as she is for her athletic savvy, is seeing a jump in popularity on her Twitter account lately for her witty tweets and charming interaction with fans.

The Olympic runner has talked publicly about her decision to wait until marriage to have sex (mostly because it seems that's all anyone wants to talk about) and says it's not an easy thing to do, but is the right decision for her. And while all that attention to her personal life might prove to be invasive, it's the earnest way she engages people via social media that is earning her some appreciative looks from fans and companies alike. In fact, her Twitter account may get her some endorsement deals that will put her in the spotlight even more, much like her Olympic peer Michael Phelps.

As with anyone in the public eye, Jones' sexual preferences are widely speculated on and judged, especially on Twitter, where anyone with an opinion can hide behind a computer screen. But Jones tends to answer questions and even harsh judgments with ease, mixing self-deprecation with intelligent comebacks, and that could account for the huge leap in the amount of her followers recently.

Here's a quick sampling of her tweets. Watch for Jones in this summer's London Olympics, which begin in July.

Happy with my first race in Top Three. I shouldn't have helped Super Woman catch villains late last night... perhaps,I would've ran better.
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Ask Tebow if he wants a glass of milk. If he says yes, ask him if he prefers chocolate. if he says no, then no more Tebow date suggestions
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When @usainbolt is at a race, I'm the free bread they serve b4 the meal. U don't want my autograph kid? No, I don't know where Usain is...
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My interview on HBO Real Sports comes on in an hour. which means you have 59 minutes to change your cable package.
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Go to barbershop jn da hood. Wait till someone sells u bootleg dvd RT @JaroG4: wanna see u but don't have HBO, best place 2 retrieve video?
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