Lolo Jones Makes U.S. Bobsled National Team


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You may recognize the name Lolo Jones from her days as an Olympic track star. But now, the popular athlete, is officially one of nine females to make the U.S. Bobsled National Team. The qualification means that she has a good shot at making the U.S. Olympic team for the games in Sochi, Russia this winter.

We've witnessed many a great athlete, think Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, possess the skill set to compete in multiple sports. According to veteran bobsled champion, Elana Meyers, most athletes who transition over to bobsledding, do in fact, come from other sporting activities. She explained, "Whenever we bring in new people, we tell them to use their experiences from the previous sport and bring what they already know into our sport. That’s the thing, everybody from our sport comes from a different sport. Nobody grows up bobsledding."

Jones even recruited fellow track-star and Olympic Gold Medalist Sprinter, Lauryn Williams, to join her on attempting to make the Olympic team. It didn't seem to matter that Williams had never even touched a bobsled until four months ago. Within a week of practice, Williams placed third in the National Push Championships. And now we're talking about the distinct possibility that we will see Williams racing amongst the best bobsledders in the world at this winter's Olympic games.

Lolo Jones was the favorite to win the 100-meter hurdles at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. In fact, she had become the sweetheart story in America. Lolo overcame great obstacles, poverty and depression, and rose above it all to go after an Olympic dream. The race started and Jones was in the lead, however, she tripped on the second to last hurdle and fell to seventh place.

Here's a look at the heartbreaking race:

Still, Jones is the current American record holder in the 60-meter hurdles and has won multiple Gold Medals at the World Indoor Championships. Now in her second year of bobsledding, the brakeman will look forward to another shot at possibly bringing home Olympic Gold.

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