Lohan Triangles Tattoo Meaning Revealed


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As Lindsay Lohan strives to piece back together her career while avoiding further legal troubles, the tattoos on her body have become the subject of much internet speculation.

Today, the New York Post is reporting that Lohan's triangles tattoo has some sort of "spiritual" meaning to the actress. Lohan reportedly received the tattoo last year, getting a tattoo artist to come to her mother's house for the job. She and "close friend" Liam McMullan are reported to have gotten identical tattoos at the time to symbolize some sort of "deep spiritual bond." The Post's unnamed sources told the paper that the tattoos supposedly symbolize the "dangers out there" and "two spiritual energies inside each other."

The tattoo in question is of two thin red triangles, one inside of the other. Below the triangles is the phrase "What Dreams May Come" - a reference to Shakespeare's famous Hamlet soliloquy.

Besides having the personal meaning of her tattoo leaked, Lohan has hopped into bed this week with Charlie Sheen on the TV series Anger Management. She also, like many celebrities, tweeted her support for same sex marriage: