Lohan To Be Charged For Lying About 18-Wheeler Crash

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Lindsay Lohan has had an extremely eventful year. It included a Lifetime movie ("Liz And Dick"), rumors about bad behavior on the set of said Lifetime movie, several hit-and run allegations, a jewelry heist, a recorded fight with her coked-out mom (alleged), and a wreck involving an 18-wheeler. The legal implications of several of those have kept her in the headlines for several months, but now, three months after the fact, she's facing jail time for lying to police about the accident.

Lohan allegedly told police that she wasn't driving when the accident--which involved her Porsche slamming into the back of a semi truck--occurred, but now investigators think she was being less than truthful after witnesses say they clearly saw her in the driver's seat.

Since she's already on probation for the jewelry incident, the judge could throw her in jail even if she's not convicted on this charge.

Amanda Crum
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