Lohan In New Trailer For "The Canyons"= Campy

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Lindsay Lohan has made some interesting career choices; appearing as the troubled daughter of a prominent--and shady--wealthy Texan in "Machete", taking on the iconic figure of Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick"...she keeps her fans guessing, for sure, and no project has had people more curious than the mysterious film "The Canyons".

Written by "American Psycho" scribe Bret Easton Ellis, the film also stars porn actor James Deen and is being advertised as a contemporary film noir; however, despite what the trailer looks like, when you strip away the dramatic music all you're left with is Lohan wearing a pouty '40s vixen face and dubious acting skills from those around her.

The movie has been swaddled in secrecy since it was first announced, with teasers now and then as to the look and feel of it. Even the full-length trailer leaves much to be wondered about, and doesn't even give a release date. Is it really possible this won't see a theater release? Seems that with all the negative publicity surrounding her these days, Lohan's having a hard time being taken seriously, and a web-only or limited theater release won't help matters.

Amanda Crum
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