Lizzy Caplan Talks Multiple Orgasms With GQ

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Lizzy Caplan has made us laugh in "Mean Girls" and kept us on the edge of our seat in "Cloverfield"; now, she's about to tease our libidos in the new Showtime series "Masters Of Sex". Caplan, who has had no problem baring her own body in projects like "True Blood", sat down with GQ recently and talked about orgasms, what offends her on a first date, and what she learned from the show, which focuses on the lives and work of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

"They basically figured out that the female body is far better equipped for sex than the male body," she says of the characters on the show. "Women can have multiple orgasms; men cannot. They're actually the sexual athletes, not the men."

Caplan also says she's very focused on what she wants from her man, and what she doesn't want.

"There's nothing more offensive than when a guy only uses half of his tongue on the first date. For what? Unclear. Just use all of your tongue whatever you do on the first date," she said.

The team of Masters and Johnson pioneered sex research in the '50s despite being labeled "perverts" during a time when no one spoke about such things...especially women.

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