Liza Minnelli Punks Shia LaBeouf

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Sometimes celebrities do really stupid things. And sometimes other celebrities call them on it and have a little fun at their expense.

First we reported today on Jay-Z and Beyonce poking a bit of fun at Justin Bieber over his arrests and mugshot, flashing his photo in concert among other great names, providing a juxtaposition that many are seeing as a straight up shade.

And now there is the case of Liza Minnelli and Shia LaBeouf.

Msr. LaBeouf, it seems, doesn't know how to behave in a theatre. Not a cinema, where you can get up for popcorn, unwrap candy, and leave a mess when you leave. This was a real theatrical performance, to whit: Cabaret.

Cabaret is a musical play about a small club in Berlin in the World War II era. The characters sing about where they came from, the randy exploits in the club, and Nazism.

According to attendees and police reports, Shia LaBeouf was attending a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54, when he started yelling and cat-calling the female actresses. At one point, he allegedly stood up and smacked actor Alan Cumming, then onstage, on the behind.

This sort of thing is not tolerated in a theatre. Soon, a security guard asked LaBeouf to leave, but he refused to go. Police were called. LaBeouf resisted arrest. He began spitting at officers, so they cuffed him and put on a spit mask muzzle.

LaBeouf continued to scream at officers.

“F*ck you! This is f*cking bullshit. Do you know my life? Do you know who the F*ck I am? Do you know who I am?”

LaBeouf was taken to the station house. He continued to rant, calling an officer a "fag". LaBeouf was charged with five misdemeanors, including trespassing, disorderly conduct and harassment.

The next day, the fun started.

Liza Minnelli was in Cabaret, the film version, back in 1972. A rep for Minnelli sent LaBeouf a DVD copy of that film.

“I figured he may want to find out how it ends,” joked Scott Gorenstein.

"What can I say? I just had to."

LaBeouf has not responded about the bit of shade thrown his way. If Minnelli's rep was acting on his own accord, there is no word about his catching any flack for it either.

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