Liverpool Title Hopes Take A Beating

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As a Liverpool fan, I can admit….the Crystal Palace match was painful to watch. Not because it may or may not have cost the Reds the league. It was actually frustrating for a different reason.

The Reds put on a strong offensive display. At the 70th minute, the team was winning 3-0.

It seemed certain the Liverpool football club team would be rolling towards a final game with confidence.

Then the Liverpool defense collapsed in spectacular fashion. Somehow, in a period of about ten minutes, it was a 3-3 game.

The last time I witnessed that kind of lapse was in the away game to QPR which ended in much the same way.

That day ended in a shocking 3-2 loss following the failure to hold a 2-0 lead. It also suggests that a certain defensive problem remains.

Tony Pulis, who to his credit has lifted Crystal Palace’s game and spirit since signing on as manager, made a poignant observation in his post game interview.

Liverpool is a team that has been winning in the last portion of the season largely through the strength of its offense. It is not a team that out-defends, but rather out-scores.

What happens when a team cannot score and cannot defend? Odds are it is not a team that wins.

Can Liverpool still win the title? It’s not impossible, but it’s highly improbable. Manchester City has two games left to play, an extra 3 points on the table that Liverpool do not have. The only chance that Liverpool has is if Man City were to somehow lose. That’s it.

And given both games are home games to teams with nothing to play for and who are no visible threat….the momentum is with City.

However, stranger things have happened. Crystal Palace has nothing to play for either. This didn't stop them from playing for the point and for pride.

I won’t make any predictions. I will say that it’s been a strange season, but a good season overall for Liverpool. They will have Champions League football again and should they fix that defense, they will be a terrifying team next season.

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