Liverpool FC: Reds Go Top Of The Premier League


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And now you're gonna believe us, we're gonna win the league!

The song rang out around Anfield during the game and long after. It was sung in pubs and living rooms. It was tweeted merrily and shared on various fan forums.

Despite what the words suggest, it's not so much about the opinion of non-Liverpool FC fans. Finally, for the first time in years, it is the Liverpool fanbase that believes the Reds have a chance. With six games left to play, this Liverpool team is no longer the dark horse who might have a chance.

Going into the 2013-2014 season, it would have been enough for the Anfield faithful if the Reds somehow managed 4th place.

No one was anticipating that Liverpool could very well have the title in their own hands at this point of the season.

For the Spurs, it was an unwanted trip down memory lane.

The London side hosted the Reds back in December and found themselves on the receiving end of a 0-5 thrashing. The embarrassing loss was considered the final straw that cost André Villas-Boas his managerial position. A 4-0 away loss to the same team is enough to suggests some things can't be pinned on one man's shoulders.

Prior to the game current caretaker manager Tim Sherwood attempted to heap pressure on Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, insisting that the home team racing for the title would cause nerves.

The suggestion was coolly deflected by Rodgers who replied that the team is hardly nervous. For Liverpool, this season has been about marching towards qualification for Champion's League football. The league? An unintended bonus.

This confident behavior was reflected by Rodger's side from the opening minutes. Meanwhile, a spooked Younes Kaboul set the tone for a disappointing Spurs showing. Almost every effort by the visitors went high over the crossbar. Except for a couple of on-target strikes, Liverpool goal keeper Simon Mignolet didn't have much to worry about.

Following the sound defeat of this latest opponent, fans and non-fans alike are starting to speak of Liverpool as likely champions.

However, it's important not to get too far ahead of one's self; this title race isn't over until it's over.

Man City has two games in hand, six crucial points that could see them on top in a few weeks. And no matter how hard José Mourinho sulks in the press, Chelsea is anything but out down and out.

These two tough opponents still have to make trips to Anfield, and either (or both) games could decide just who is going to win the league.

For now, Liverpool fans aren't too bothered. They believe in their team, and as their song says, others are going to believe now as well: Liverpool FC just might win the league.

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