LittleBigPlanet Kart Racing Is Coming To The PS3!

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Sony's "Play, Create, Share" initiative has spawned some pretty cool things, but non better than LittleBigPlanet. The community that Media Molecule has created is so huge and amazing that the available user created levels that one can play number in the millions. Now over at the official Playstation Blog, we get news that

Littlebigplanet Kart Racing Is Coming To The PS3!

The game is being made by the folks over at United Front games. You may know them as the team that did ModNationRacers, another game in the line of "Play, Create, Share." United Front worked very close with Media Molecule(creators of Littlebigplanet) to get this game going. The hope is that with LBP's vast amount of creation tools, the game will be able to spawn millions of levels. It has yet to be revealed if this is going to be a stand alone game, a PSN download, or DLC for LittleBigPlanet 2.

James Grieve, Sr. Producer, United Front Games had this to say:

"Thank you to everyone at Media Molecule, we greatly appreciate the warm welcome into the LittleBigPlanet family. The team here at United Front Games has long been huge fans of LBP and all of the exceptional work done by everyone at Mm. Sackboy has become one of the iconic gaming characters of this generation and to have the opportunity to make a LittleBigPlanet game ourselves is truly an honor. It has been a joy to collaborate with all of the folks at Mm. Since the project’s inception, they have been great partners in getting to where we are today. Looking ahead, we can’t wait for all of the LBP fans out there to get their hands on LittleBigPlanet Karting. The LBP community is unparalleled in the gaming world for the passion and creativity they bring and it’s going to be exciting to see where they’re able to take this new journey for Sackboy. Our goal with LBP Karting has been fairly simple – provide a fast-paced experience that captures the best of classic karting gameplay, married with the unbridled creativity of LBP. This new adventure will be accessible to players of all ages and have all of the variety necessary to satisfy both the hardcore and more casual players. This is an LBP game, so we could never talk about it without mentioning the Create tools. LBP Karting is set in an entirely 3D world that will enable players to create rich and varied gameplay experiences. Tons of familiar LBP gadgets will be present, along with a new toolbox specifically tailored to allow for building in LBP Karting’s 3D world. Along with fan-favorite racing and battle modes, players will be able to modify the rules of the game itself to create completely new modes and challenges. All of this is wrapped up in a community experience that should have LBP fans feeling right at home. Well, that’s all for now, but we’re looking forward to sharing more news on this exciting new game in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more info and get ready for the new world of LittleBigPlanet Karting in 2012!"

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