Listen to the Portal DLC Cave Johnson Quotes - All 26 Minutes of Them

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The Portal 2 downloadable content (DLC) that was released this week isn't just a custom map maker. Ok, it pretty much is, but Valve has never been a company to simply throw something out to make a quick dime. It's clear that Valve has put its special finishing touches on the "Perpetual Testing Initiative." This can be seen particularly in the hilarious message from Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson that play when a test subject enters a custom chamber. Actor J.K. Simmons recorded tons of new audio for the DLC, and Valve's writing staff used the opportunity to have some fun.

Valve has carried over the multi-verse con conceit from the DLC's silly trailer and continued to have Cave Johnson rant about evil multiple-universe versions of himself and insane alternate-dimension scenarios. To make sure you don't miss one, YouTube user ac1th has posted all of the Cave Johnson audio, in order, played back-to-back. Listen to the audio below and hear how, impossibly, the messages continue to get weirder and stay funny all the way until the end.

The comments actually seem to have a small narrative flow, so, this video is technically full of spoilers, but you would have to enter hundreds of custom test chambers to hear them all. Trust me, these messages are fantastic when played back-to back. After you listen to the whole thing (you will), leave a comment below and let me know your favorite parts.

(via Topless Robot)

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