Lisa Vanderpump Talks About 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Costar Kim Richards

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Lisa Vanderpump chatted with Us Weekly during her Hero Dog Award Benefit Luncheon earlier this week, and the topic quickly turned to her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar Kim Richards.

Richards was arrested for public drunkenness at a Beverly Hills hotel a couple of months back and did a stint in rehab. Shortly after her release, she was arrested for allegedly shoplifting about $600 worth of merchandise from a Target store.

"Well, I'm sorry Kim's not here because of the situation," Lisa Vanderpump said. "That's the thing. But I think her sobriety is more important than any reality show. And I think a lot of people recognize that fact and that's probably why she's not in this season."

The Vanderpump Rules star says she talked with Kim Richards earlier this summer, while she was in the rehab facility.

"But not since then," she said. "I'm not that close to Kim, obviously I'm closer to Kyle. I’ve heard updates and stuff. But it's a sad situation."

Camille Grammer joined Lisa Vanderpump at her Hero Dog Award Benefit Luncheon. She hasn't spoken to Kim Richards recently either.

"I was on vacation in Hawaii. But I will reach out to her soon," the former RHOBH star said. "I mean, I feel bad for Kim. My thoughts and prayers are with her and I support her and I just want her to know I'm here for her if she needs anything."

It's sad how these women work closely together on these reality shows, yet when push comes to shove no one shows up to personally lend a hand. It seems to go hand in hand with the entire premise of these shows, however. They portray these women as materialistic socialites who don't deal with much on a heartfelt level. Appearances seem to be much more important than feelings.

Surely Kim Richards has done lots of things to distance herself from people like Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer. However she seems to be in a bad way--emotionally--and could perhaps use some support. Hopefully she is getting that from her counselors and any post-rehab programs she is attending.

Alcoholism is a very real disease and Kim Richards is clearly afflicted. Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer are blessed they aren't dealing with issues like Kim's up close and personal.

The talk at Lisa Vanderpump's event also turned to Brandi Glanville. Even though she isn't suffering from addiction issues, it seems like she is thought of about as much as Lisa thinks of Kim Richards.

"Brandi, listen, I have no problem with her," Vanderpump said. "I don't even really think about her much. I just hope she's... I would've invited her today, actually, because it's a dog event. We bonded over dogs but [um… I would have. But] ...I forgot."

Wow. Out of sight--out of mind, it seems.

Would you want Lisa Vanderpump as your friend?

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