Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested For Assaulting 61-Year Old

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Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress perhaps best known for her role as Eric's sister on "That '70s Show", has had a rocky couple of years when it comes to run-ins with the law. Her latest arrest comes after an alleged assault on a 61-year old man...who also happens to be her husband.

The couple reportedly got into a violent fight and both were taken into custody; they were also involved in a domestic disturbance earlier this year, when she was arrested for spousal abuse. She denied the allegations, however, saying her husband was trying to ruin her career by leveling accusations at her.

Kelly hasn't been seen much since her gig on the popular sitcom; her character was written off to beauty college in the third season to and the role was later taken over by another actress. Rumors flew back then that she had a problem with drugs and alcohol, although Kelly denies them. According to TMZ, police reports say substances were not involved in this dispute. She did plead guilty to a DUI back in the spring, however.

Amanda Crum
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