Lisa Kudrow Is Number One On Jim Parsons' "Big Bang" Guest Wish List

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Lisa Kudrow has made somewhat of a name for herself since Friends shut down a decade ago.

As one of the industry's funniest and most laid back stars, Lisa Kudrow has landed some really interesting parts.

One of her best is in The Comeback. After Friends ended, Lisa Kudrow dove right in to make The Comeback, an HBO mock-reality show about a fictional, minor TV star, Valerie Cherish, which lasted only one season.

Though the show's ratings were not great, critics and rabid fans alike loved the show.

That must be why, 10 years later, Lisa Kudrow is back with a second season of The Comeback on HBO.

The hour-long #theComeback finale is tonight at 10p on @HBO! #cherish thank you all!!

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Lisa Kudrown said of the hilarious show and its quirky humor, “I was definitely inspired by The Office because that’s my favorite type of humor: the awkward.”

She added, “We wanted to bring in the reality-show aspect to comment on the amount of humiliation everyone seems to be OK about signing up for. We thought there’s something disastrous about this for our society when it’s: ‘Good for you, you’ve humiliated yourself.’”

Lisa Kudrow also said, “We’re all still here. But there’s a different standard for acceptable behavior. It’s much lower.”

It is likely because of her dedication to funny, relaxed comedy, as well as her sensible outlook on life that Lisa Kudrow has earned a number one spot on Jim Parsons' Big Bang Theory guest wish list.

He said, “I still want to work with Lisa Kudrow. I’ve always thought about her for the show.”

Jim Parsons added, “I don’t know what part – I guess I’d leave that for the writers – but I’m a big fan of hers and I would love to have her on."

What do you think? Would you love to see Lisa Kudrow in a part on The Big Bang Theory? What part would you give her?

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