Lisa Edelstein Stars In Bravo's First Scripted Drama Series

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Lisa Edelstein is making a comeback to television almost two years after she ended her stint as Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the award-winning show House. Edelstein stars in Bravo’s first scripted television show called Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

The cable network is mostly known for their slew of popular reality shows like The Real Housewives series, but in Guide, they will provide another dose of female power for their avid viewers. Edelstein plays Abby McCarthy, a self-help author who is currently undergoing a painful divorce from her stay-at-home husband. The series will see the character’s struggles as she reunites with her co-divorcees played by Janeane Garofalo and Beau Garrett.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Edelstein talked about her excitement about the new show. “The writing is so smart, raw and funny; it's everything that you could wish for in a show,” she praised. “It's the tragic reality of life sometimes, where ridiculous things happen or you get in certain situations that are unavoidable.”

The show was described by Edelstein as “multicolored” and “multifaceted.” Although it is the first scripted show from the network, Edelstein is confident that Guide will resonate among Bravo’s most avid viewers. One fan that she met recently even claimed that the show will be a hit simply because “it’s on Bravo!”

Guide was described by Edelstein as being closer to HBO’s female-centric programs like Girls and Sex and the City than Bravo’s reality programming. The promotional materials for the upcoming show was met with much criticism and were banned in a few cities after it depicted Edelstein holding up her ring finger on the poster. Edelstein recommended seeing the show first before making quick assumptions about her new program. “People had opinions on either side of the argument as to whether it was mocking marriage, but no one had seen the show, which does not mock marriage, by the way.”

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce airs every Tuesday at 10 PM.

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