Lisa Ann Date with Justin Brent Could Get Him Expelled from Notre Dame?

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When Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent hit the gossip pages and social media recently, eyebrows shot up and tongues wagged. Brent had gone out on a “date” with porn star Lisa Ann. Pictures of the two courtside at a Knicks’ game hit first. Then pics of them cuddling in bed together, which were later deleted.

Lisa Ann responded to the rumors on Twitter, saying, “I am a women NOT held back by my age, lucky for me, because the writers seem to make me out to be a dinosaur. 42 is NOT old, It is amazing!”

Lisa Ann, who specializes in “MILF” porn, is 42 years old. Brent is 18 and a Freshman at Notre Dame. In most of the country, this would be a non-news item, a brief splash and then gone.

But FoxSports notes that since Brent is a student at Notre Dame, a Catholic university, things could get hairy. That institution has a code of conduct for its students, outlined in the Guide to Student Life, specifically the section on Community Standards

"As a Catholic university, Notre Dame has a distinctive mission. The University seeks to nurture in its students a love of knowledge and a keenly developed moral sense… "

The subsection on Sexual Activity gets more specific.

"The University embraces the Catholic Church’s teaching that a genuine and complete expression of love through sex requires a commitment to a total living and sharing together of two persons in marriage. Consequently, students who engage in sexual union outside of marriage may be subject to referral to the University Conduct Process.”

This process includes an “Administrative Investigation”, and could even lead to what is called an “Administrative Hearing for Alleged Violations of the Sexual Misconduct”. This is chiefly concerned with “incidents involving alleged sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.”

There are a variety of disciplinary outcomes that the Code allows for. These include: Disciplinary Probation, Temporary Dismissal, and Permanent Dismissal, as well as a variety of lesser disciplinary actions, such as writing assignments, verbal or written warnings, workshops, and loss of various privileges.

While Lisa Ann’s career might get a boost from her outing with Justin Brent, it is conceivable that it could cost him his career.

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