Lindsey Vonn: Tiger Woods Cheated On Her, Had 'Relapse in Sex Department'

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Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods both announced their split just over a week ago, and they cited their hectic schedules as the reason they couldn't make their relationship work.

Not so, according to the Daily Mail.

Tiger Woods allegedly cheated on Lindsey Vonn, in what a source tells the publication was a 'relapse in the sex department.'

A source also told the Daily Mail that during one of Woods's times away from Lindsey Vonn, that he cheated on her 'with a faceless, nameless woman.'

‘He had a relapse in the sex department,’ the source said. ‘Lindsey found out about women again. Always while he’s on the road. Just like when he was with Elin.’

Elin, of course, is Tiger's ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. She was the woman scorned in the middle of his sex addict admission and subsequent walk of shame.

It was reportedly following the Farmer’s Insurance Classic in Southern California--back in February--that Woods cheated on Lindsey Vonn.

At the very least, Lindsey Vonn is rid of a cheater, and she can stop pretending that she liked golf.

Do you think Tiger Woods liked skiing? He did frequent the slopes when she was competing. Do you suppose he had a couple of snow bunnies on the side then, too?

Are you surprised to learn that Tiger Woods allegedly cheated on Lindsey Vonn?

Did you perhaps just crawl out from under a giant rock?

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