Lindsay Lohan's Dad Denies Calling Her An Escort

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Lindsay Lohan had a pretty rocky 2012, and it doesn't look like 2013 is going to be much easier.

The 26-year old, whose family problems have been magnified in the public eye since she was young, was recently in headlines because of something her estranged father, Michael, allegedly said about her.

"Lindsay is getting paid to date rich men. Dina is pimping her out—it's disgusting," Star Magazine reported. Michael was supposedly talking about how his daughter is often offered big money to show up at parties and events hosted by wealthy men, such as Prince Haji Abdul Azim.

But Michael says he was misquoted and would never say such a nasty thing about his own daughter.

"All I DID say when I was arguing with Dina was that Dina was acting like a pimp for allowing and going with Lindsay to an event/personal appearance for money, just so Dina could get her cut!" Lohan said. "It's like pimping Lindsay out so Dina can make money! They twisted everything to make it look like I said that! Notice that they said the pimp part BUT then a 'source' said the rest!"

Meanwhile, Lindsay has enough to worry about in her own life; her newest project, "The Canyons", isn't even out yet and has already garnered horrible reviews.

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