Lindsay Lohan: What We Want To Read In Her Bio

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Recently details emerged that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan may have at last found a profitable avenue for her drama-filled life.

Reports indicate that Lohan has met with several publishing houses about the possibility of putting together a “tell-all” book about her life.

If true, this could be one of the most hotly anticipated autobiographies in recent years.

The 28-year-old, who has been proudly showing off her body quite a bit this summer, seems to have packed quite a lifetime of scandal and controversy into a relatively short period of time.

Since hitting adulthood, the Mean Girls star went from being the toast of young Hollywood to becoming yet another destroyed child star.

Unlike many such stars, Lohan has yet to fade into anonymous obscurity.

In fact, Lohan’s troubles have kept her in the headlines long after her starring roles failed to provide the same service.

As such, there are certain stories that fans and non-fans alike would probably want to read more about in the autobiography.

Will She Give Rehab Another Go?

Lohan has been in and out of rehab programs over the past several years, largely as a condition related to criminal charges.

It’s no secret that Lohan’s partying lifestyle has had a negative impact on her career and even on her youthful looks.

Many onlookers wonder what would it take for Lohan to once and for all buckle down and gain control of her life and image.

Just How Long Is That List?

A list of men that Lohan bedded back in the day found its way to the media and caused a mini uproar.

While Lohan has admitted that the list is legitimate, it’s noted that not all names have been released. It could be that what we saw isn’t even half of the famous or powerful men that Lohan has hooked up with over the years!

Will Lohan spill all the juicy details?

Did Her Court Drama Help Her At All?

Lohan was very lucky to avoid jail time over her law-breaking shenanigans, although the possibility of facing serious consequences for her actions visibly shook the young star at one point.

Although questions remain about her current sobriety, it seems that Lohan is otherwise staying out of trouble.

The court nightmare might have helped Lohan get her priorities straight.

What Would You Want To Read About In A Lindsay Lohan Biography? Comment Below!

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