Lindsay Lohan To Write Book About Her Crazy Life?

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Could it be that Lindsay Lohan will be making a book out of her crazy, drama-filled life?

It sure seems that way.

According to reports, Lohan has been meeting with various publishers about the possibility of a tell-all book.

You read that correctly: We’re not talking one of those polite, ghostwritten novels with vague references to scandals; the sort of books that glaze over controversies to put the subject in the best possible light.

No, no, no!

The 28-year-old starlet is allegedly promising a no-holds-barred look at the ups and downs of her tumultuous life.

This is a young woman who has an infamous list of Hollywood hotties that she’s bedded. There’s also of course her well documented sobriety issues, arrests and trips to court. Let’s not forget the drama between Mama and Papa Lohan.

All of that in ONE book? In Lindsay Lohan’s own words? With details that we might not know about?

Sounds like an instant bestseller to me!

One thing that does raise eyebrows is her supposed ghostwriter choices. If it had to be between E.L. James and literary giant J.K. Rowling, I hope she’ll beg Rowling to be the one to put her life into words.

A woman who willingly uses subconscious in place of conscience is simply NOT to be trusted.

Lohan, who recently made headlines over her instagrammed bikini photo, is more or less famous these days for her real life controversies and questionable lifestyle choices than her acting career.

Unfortunately for Lohan, she hasn't headlined a popular movie since Mean Girls (Sorry, but Herbie Fully Loaded doesn't count...), and her turn as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor left something to be desired.

It seems only logical to make her drama-filled life the focus of any potential autobiography.

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