Lindsay Lohan To Sue Grand Theft Auto Makers


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For all of you Grand Theft Auto V enthusiasts, do you think the character on the cover of the game is Lindsay Lohan? She thinks so, and is planning on suing the makers of the game, Rockstar, for using her likeness for the character without her permission. TMZ reports that Lohan is planning on making Rockstar pay "serious money" for using her image without giving her the credit she deserves.

The girl on the cover is shown wearing a red bikini, holding a smart phone and flashing a peace sign. Gamers have been trying to figure out who the girls is and have compared her to Sports Illustrated model, Kate Upton, among others.

So, is the girl actually Lohan, or is it someone else? Model, Shelby Welinder says that she was hired by Rockstar through her agency to model for the game in Fall 2012. "It's nice to see all these people referring to me as a porn star and a slut," Welinder said. "Quite entertaining to say the least. I worked for Rockstar and signed a release that said I'd be listed in the game credits."

Welinder posted a video on Vine that shows her modeling for the cover of the popular game, and even has an invoice that shows she was paid for the photo shoot by Rockstar.

Welinder took to Twitter to let off some steam and voice her disgust with Lohan for thinking that she is the character on the cover.

Other Twitter users also showed their amusement with the lawsuit.

Tell us who you think the character is in the comments section below.

[Image via Twitter]