Lindsay Lohan To Make Daring Comeback Attempt

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Lindsay Lohan is making yet another comeback attempt, but this time the choice is rather interesting. Lohan will star in Speed the Plow, a three-person West End play about two executive who make a bet whether one of them can sleep with secretary, Karen (Lohan).

The play began in 1988 and Karen was a role once played by Madonna, who actually earned critical favor for her performance.

New York Times theater critic Frank Rich said of Madonna as Karen, "It's a relief to report that this rock star's performance is safely removed from her own Hollywood persona. Madonna serves Mr. Mamet's play ... with intelligent, scrupulously disciplined comic acting. She delivers the shocking transitions essential to the action and needs only more confidence to relax a bit and fully command her speaking voice."

Let's hope Lindsay Lohan can become "safely removed from her own Hollywood persona". Should she be able to pull of this performance, perhaps she really could make a genuine comeback.

Since her disclosure of her miscarriage last April on her OWN network reality show, Lindsay Lohan has been noticeably absent from the scene. However, a source close to her said that she has been in London and has really been trying to get it together.

"She's been in London really trying to get her life together and got to meeting with a bunch of agents and managers and it just came together," the source says. "She's been studying for the role for over a month."

Lindsay seems to be rather excited about the possible fresh start that she so desperately wants and needs.

"It's the first time I've done a stage play or anything like that," Lohan said of taking on a stage role. "I'm nervous but I'm excited."

"I'm going back to my West End world. I'm a little overwhelmed. I haven't done this — I haven't really done the shows — in the last few years."

Hopefully the tragic and desperate story of Lindsay Lohan will get back on track if she can pull this one off!

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