Lindsay Lohan May Go Back To Jail, Accused Of Lying About Completing Community Service

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Lindsay Lohan must be getting anxious. The Mean Girls star has to wait another week before prosecutors present their findings regarding her disputed community service hours to the court. A hearing that was originally set for February 18 was postponed and moved to February 25 instead. Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, talked to the press outside of the courthouse and said that their camp might be willing to negotiate with the prosecution over her 240-hour requirement for community service. However, Holley made it clear that she thinks Lohan already served that part of her sentence.

“As far as we are concerned, she completed her community service when I presented proof of that last time,” Holley told reporters in reference to her work with the London-based charity Community Service Volunteers. “I’m open to anything that (the prosecutor) might suggest,” Holley added, implying that their camp is willing to relog some of the hours that is being contested by the prosecution.

Holley also told the press that Lohan is continuing her work with CSV by choice because “she valued the experience and wanted to keep it going”. “She was there yesterday,” Holley said.

Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White was not in court on February 18. In a hearing last month, White argued that Lohan was not being truthful regarding the hours she spent doing community service. One of his arguments was that Lohan managed to be able to clock in 10 consecutive hours of community service despite being hospitalized for a mosquito-borne virus she picked up in Bora Bora.

“(A) note says she received acute care for three days, but on those three days, again, 10 hours were served,” White said last month. “I’m having trouble not only with the quality of the work but whether or not the work was actually done.” White also disputed the fact that one of Lohan’s work with CSV involved “shadowing”, where she basically hangs out with youth volunteers. For White, this cannot be considered as a form of community service.

White said last month that jail could be back on the table if his investigation on Lohan’s community service hours yields results. “She’s had an opportunity to do this. If the court’s not going to accept this, then we have to figure out if jail is the next option,” said White. “It would be the amount of hours she did not do. It was originally 30 days.”

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