Lindsay Lohan Gets Firm Lecture From Oprah

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Lindsay Lohan has been the subject of a docu-series for Oprah's OWN over the past several months, and now we're finally getting a peek at what we're in for. It looks like Lindsay isn't holding back, sitting down for interviews about her partying ways and having dinner with her estranged father, which ends with harsh words. But at some point, Lindsay slips back into her old ways--the ones that led to her reputation of being difficult to work with--and stops showing up for shoots. That's when Oprah has a sit-down with her.

In the new preview for the show--which premieres on Sunday at 10/9 C--we see Oprah call Lindsay out on her "bullshit" after a conversation with an assistant about the star's behavior. And Lindsay, like any red-blooded human would, listens and nods her agreement.

Unlike many in Hollywood who have already given up on the actress, Oprah says she's not ready to do that because she wants to see Lindsay succeed. As a child actress whose life veered in a dangerous direction, Lohan is one of those celebrities everyone loves to watch self-destruct. But after the sad tale of Amanda Bynes--who just finished a stint in rehab after several run-ins with the law and a scary incident involving a gasoline fire set in a stranger's driveway--many are realizing just how quickly a downward spiral can run its course.

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